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Anju Technologies has just released Second Windô version 2.0!  Second Windô is a much needed software link between Microsoft Excel and the Oracle Database Management System.  With Second Windô an Excel user can interactively query and update Oracle databases directly from an Excel spreadsheet, and rapidly develop custom database applications by embedding SQL statements in Excel macros.

Truly, DataEasier. Oracle database management systems are unquestionably the most powerful available, using them, however, is not always the simplest task.  At Anju Technologies, we have figured out that when people want to manipulate or view data, Microsoft Excel is the most convenient and universally known program around.  With Excel, there is no need to struggle with cryptic text-based commands or Oracle-specific formats like dates.

This software combines two of the most prevalent and powerful corporate applications empowering even SQL novices to effectively view, manipulate and update data with ease.  Get the most out of your data and get the best of both worlds: Store data in a database that is powerful, but stop struggling with day-to-day data manipulations, chart creation, sorting etc. etc. etc.


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Software Link
A seamless link is
created between a user's Microsoft Excel
session and an Oracle

Full Data Access
Users can Access, Manipulate and Update Oracle data with the convenience and power of Microsoft Excel

Second Windô provides all the tools you need to make life easier, including a query builder to aid in SQL statement creation and functions for advanced users to incorporate into excel macros for rapid application development.